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The demise of Twitter: don’t whine, organise!

Out of the window of the train just north of Brussels you can see the poster pictured here – Niet panikeren, organiseren it says. Don’t panic, organise in English. The past few days a slightly alternative slogan has been on my mind. Don’t whine, organise! We’ve had Sarah Manavis writing for The New Statesman […]


Transport posts moved to a separate website

On 14.2.2023 I moved all the transport posts from this blog to, and all non-transport posts will stay here at Euroblog – and that now has a new URL All the redirects have been updated so as to mean there should not be any broken links!


Labour: a new relationship with the EU

An excellent Twitter thread by Alistair King caught my attention yesterday, critiquing Keir Starmer’s supposed new slogan “make Brexit work”. Meanwhile Andrew Adonis summed it up visually with this: “Make Brexit Work” — Andrew Adonis (@Andrew_Adonis) November 7, 2021 Aside from the snarky tweet, there is a nugget of […]

German Politics

#BTW21Diagramm Possible Coalitions after the 26th September 2021 Bundestag Election / Mögliche Koalitionen nach der Bundestagswahl am 26. September 2021

High resolution PDF and PNG files, the XML and the .ods files of the workings are all available here! Hochauflösende PDF- und PNG-Dateien, und die .ods-Dateien sind hier verfügbar!   Version 1.0.0 EN – 05.09.2021, 18:00 The first version of the new series! Based on the polling and […]