We’ve won! Harriet was elected deputy leader of the Labour Party with 50.43% of the vote. I’ve been responsible for the website of the campaign that has at least played a small part in the successful result. Harriet defeated Alan Johnson in the final round, after Blears, then Hain, Benn and Cruddas were eliminated. I’m very happy to have played a small role in the successful effort! Full details on the Labour website.


  1. I was surprised and happy when I saw the result. Labour needs more strong women in leading positions, and the bumber sticker is good news…!

  2. Jon – Warm congratulations to you.

  3. That’s news Jon! Keep us updated then!

  4. Let’s hope so!

    She has a EU sticker on the bumper of her car, so she’s reasonably pro-EU… 🙂

  5. Congrats! Didn’t expect this at all.
    Let’s hope she will soften Gordon’s stance on the EU!

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